Our mobile bar is the happy space between work and home, where friends can come together to enjoy a cocktail and a respite from the outside world. 



Mexirican is a small business specializing in Caribbean bar concepts since 2016 in Portland, Oregon. MexiRican develops and offers unique fusion experiences and our goal is to make delicious and remarkable cocktails and moctktails. The cocktails, moctktails and frappès we craft are made using only the highest standards of quality and freshest ingredients. We combine both contemporary-creative and traditional Latin drinks.
OLCC licensed in Oregon and Washington to better serve you. Responsible alcohol service.
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Our premium top seller creation Piña Colada signature cocktail. Handcrafted with organic coconut meat, coconut cream, fresh pineapple, Salem cherries, Organic pomegranate juice and cherrie juice. This cocktail talks by itself. Coming in different sizes depending of the occasion.
We offer affordable packages for small or corporative patties. We can tailor make the menu to include all your favorites drinks.

Cash Bar

  • We arrive to your event and set up the bar with the necessary stock and staff for 4 hrs. We arrive one hour before start serving.
  • The Bar/Frappe Bar operates in full and can accept cash and card payments.
  • We have all the licenses needed, and can liaise with you to provide the perfect menu. Your guests simply pay for drinks over the bar
  • This option operates on a minimum spend commitment.

Pre Paid Bar

  • Similar to the cash bar Option, you can put any amount of money behind the bar to provide complimentary drinks for your guests and once this is used up you can simply top it up or we can turn into a cash bar.
  • This option is normally subject to a minimum spend commitment.
  • MexiRican Charges regulas prices after reaching this amount. We will post-bill you for the extra drinks consumed by your guests.

Catering. We serve our drinks up to 4 hrs. 
Price Per Head 
We charge a fixed price per head and we come fully stocked with the drinks menu of your choice which can include: cocktails, spirits, wines, soft drinks, beer and cider. Options can include drinks throughout the event or a package such as a welcome drink half a bottle of wine with a meal and a toast

Pitch Fee 
In some instances the organizer prefers for us to pay a fixed price ‘pitch fee’. We are prepared to consider this for proven events or for events that have secured a high proportion of ticket sales prior to the actual event. This model effectively asks for MexiRican PDX to take all the risk on the event and usually is not so profitable for the organizer compared to the revenue or profit share model

Mexirican is committed to delivering creativity, passion, and professionalism in everything we do and look forward to supporting your next event shine. ¡Salud!




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